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Plan to Avoid an Imminent Collapse of our Core Infrastructure in Arkansas Caused by Diesel Shortages

Bring all refineries back to 100% operational capacity. Restore all nonfunctioning refineries back to working order starting with the ones that can be restored soonest. Bring all oil wells in Arkansas to full operational capacity and restore the ones that can be brought back online. Contact oil well owners in other states and secure deals to bring in more crude oil to supplement any demand our own wells might not be able to meet. Build new refineries and drill more oil wells. Produce enough diesel to supply our state’s industrial needs. Once the needs of Arkansans are met, export excess diesel and other oil products to other states.

The only reason industrious people wouldn’t step in to fill such needs during a shortage is because of bureaucratic restrictions, federal taxes, and other forms of governmental tyranny. Arkansas should remove all impediments to the prosperity of Arkansans. The state should defend the people it represents from all outside government policies and international treaties that are not in the best interests of Arkansans.

It should be noted that counties like China are not reducing their oil production. This is a government that is at direct odds with the principles of individual freedom, unalienable rights, and lawful government by, for, and of the People. We the People can not allow such an Orwellian government to energy dominate us. Doing so is a betrayal of posterity and foolish beyond measure.

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