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Declaring an Article V Convention of the States

The Founders never intended for the federal government to tax the People of the United States directly. They knew it would end in disaster and tyranny. They even included the 10th Amendment in the Bill of Rights to try and prevent the federal government from granting itself more power. Unfortunately, evil prevailed with the passing of the 16th Amendment and the Federal Reserve Act. The money changers and power brokers at the time successfully fooled the people and legalized federal government theft and eventually counterfeiting. Endless money equals endless wars, so it is not surprising that two world wars and many other wars later, we the people are now living under a tyrannical and criminal federal government by, for, and of the criminals, and they are committing atrocities and crimes against humanity in our name and with our money. They are painting our hands with blood. It is sad to see our great Country reduced in such a way.

At this point, it is unlikely these traitors and criminals in government will willingly pass laws to reduce their own power. I, therefore, present a possible solution to this nightmare we are sleepwalking deeper into with each passing day.

The states must protect the People by declaring an Article V Convention of the States. At the very least, they should repeal the 16th amendment and strengthen the 10th. We need to starve the beast before it consumes us and posterity.

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