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Climate Tyranny

Updated: Jul 21, 2022

The federal government is announcing a climate emergency. They are going to use this as a pretense to try and seize control of state power grids, agriculture, fuel production, etc. We are about to see if the states and local governments truly represent the will and best interests of the people as they are sworn to do.

Unalienable rights are unconditional, and declaring an emergency makes no difference with respect to those rights. The government can never lawfully tread upon our rights and sovereignty. Emergency powers are tyrannical and the states and local governments must stand up against them and protect the people immediately.

Manmade CO2-based climate change is a fraud. The more CO2 that is in the atmosphere the faster and stronger plants grow, producing more O2 for us to breathe, and it pales in comparison to the main cause of climate change.

What is the main cause of climate change?

The sun obviously. It has many cycles within cycles including a 12k year cycle that appears to result in a solar micro-nova when the sun crosses the Milky Way galactic current sheet. If this happens in our lifetime, some of us will survive as we have during the past cycles, but that is what we should be studying and preparing for.

We as a people have wasted so much time, blood, and money on unnecessary wars and the fraudulent elite narrative of manmade climate change. These are just ploys to try and get us to surrender our sovereignty and control us while enriching the criminal global mafia (Involved International Bankers, Elites, etc). Never surrender your Sacred Honor; live free for your sake and for the sake of posterity.

If they are allowed to continue to interfere with global food production, millions will die of hunger, and millions more will flood into the first worlds turning them into third worlds.

The People around the world must take back their sovereignty (where they are at) and (re)institute lawful government by, for, and of the People before it gets much worse.

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